I Have No Delusions.

I have been dancing since the year 2002. I started as a Belly Dancer for 5 years, when injury barred me from doing that I started Ballroom Dance and Lindy Hop. My focus in Ballroom is American Smooth and more recently International Standard. To supplement the Ballroom dance my teacher, about a year and a half ago, suggested that I start taking ballet classes. I did and I love it.

I have no delusions.

I will never be a Prima Ballerina.

I will never win a ballroom championship.

I will never walk into a room and have people I don’t know whispering about my amazing Lindy Hop prowess.

I do all these dances for me. I love doing them. I can not imagine my life not doing them anymore.

The challenge laid before me is of my own brain and it seems simple enough, until you get into the psychology of it.

The simple: How good can I get?

The really hard: How good can I get with out comparing myself to others and not going crazy trying to measure my growth with out said comparison and without other dancers comparisons and head games driving me into crazy-cut-a-bitch-town?

Because I will throw down. No. I won’t. I WOULD NEVER, but in my head you should really see the generic Eastern European Latin dancer being held back by her partner with her hair all a tussle, make up smeared, choking on her false eyelashes as she throws her arms in the air, fist clenching a broken bedazzled high heel shoe. No one really knows where the rip happened in her dress or how it all started but I finished it. As I walk away I don’t look back. Cool dancers don’t look back at that kind of explosion.

This blog is about my personal amalgamation of experiences that I have as a dancer (in many genera’s) in an attempt to have a constructive place for my struggles and internal monologue of deluded fantasies that will (hopefully) keep myself (and others) sane (and unharmed).

7 Responses to About

  1. Mishka says:

    First, I love how you write. So rare to find a well-written blog with just the right amount of wit! ❤

    I started casually taking belly dancing class about 5 years ago and I find it an extremely stress-relieving, empowering, and fun thing to work into my schedule. I haven't made epic progress since I also have had school and work, but damn. There's nothing like dancing.

  2. Amen Mishka! Love your blog! =) Thank you for the comment!

  3. mac says:

    Great blog – and thanks for the follow! 🙂

  4. Marian Condon says:

    Spinning Dancer – Love your blog! Admire your writing, your thoughtful reflection/great advice, and your tech prowess, too – super videos! Could not figure out how to comment on any of your posts. Had the same problem with the Dancing with Stef blog. Hope this comment ends up on your blog and not on mine, which is what happened when I tried to post a reply to Stef. Gotta become less of a Luddite fer sure.

  5. OMG…love your blog. You are an incredible writer. I am so glad I have found it. I will follow…just keep spitting those lyrics.

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