(Not So) Deep Thoughts…

…in no particular order…


…in a performance situation. If something is not working cut it. It’s not a reflection of you or your ability, nobody wants to see anything look hard. One perfect pirouette is more amazing than 99 when you don’t land it.


The day of the dead is cool. I smell portrait sessions coming on… I always wanted to get that airbrush makeup kit!


How can angels pirouette with wings? It seems like that would be really hard. Wings would be whapping you in the face.


I drank so much water last night, sleeping was a big mistake.


When I close the trunk of my car the hood comes up. Bruises are gone, pulled hamstring is here. Le Sigh…


My Zombie Girls are going to do their ballet! I can’t wait till next week to take pictures. Last year was awesome, this year is going to be longer and better, little kid zombies. Look there I am, in the audience supporting my girls, when I had long hair…


Started Christmas Show Case Routine. I like to Fox Trot. Oh, I smell a blog post coming on that is actually substantial!

About TheSpinningDancer

I am a follower of the Church of Dance. Dream Bunnies and Mourning Doves follow me at night.
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4 Responses to (Not So) Deep Thoughts…

  1. I am obsessed with Halloween. I have a library of movies that I only watch during the month of October. I love horror movies. I am a horror movie nerd and ballet dork. I want to do a zombie dance too!

  2. Paragon2Pieces says:

    thinking you would probably be blogging about it if it is in the cards, but are you going to be at the comp in Orange County this weekend? i am going to be there for latin on saturday morning. if you’re dancing i’d like to come cheer!

    • TheSpinningDancer says:

      I’m not dancing there, I would LOVE to cheer you on. I think I’m going to do one in Feb. California something, BEST OF LUCK! ENJOY IT!! LEAVE IT AL ON THE FLOOR! And post your dancing, if you feel comfortable of course. =)

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