Peaches And Cream Dream

Fabulous time at Embassy, figured a lot of stuff out. Placed first in all my dances and came in 3rd first time out in scholarship. Full recap coming…Image

About TheSpinningDancer

I am a follower of the Church of Dance. Dream Bunnies and Mourning Doves follow me at night.
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6 Responses to Peaches And Cream Dream

  1. loveablestef says:

    Yay! I am thrilled to hear about your success! I can’t wait to hear about your experiences and revelations! Congratulations! I am so excited for you! Say hi to my second favorite Bulgarian and by the way, you look GORGEOUS! I LOVE this dress on you. I adore this picture! So sensual! Ohhhh….XOXO.

  2. congratulations. i’m with stef–this picture is amazing!

  3. angela says:

    Yay! Congrats. What an amazing dress! Hope I get to see it in action sometime soon! Who do you dance your entries with?

  4. You guys are all so supportive! I can’t thank you enough! =)

  5. Purpleshira says:

    Yay! And to think, I was there to see the magic in person. 🙂 I love watching you dance!

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