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What’s the Point(e)?

I should have known immediately to ask for a different sales woman when as I walked into the dance store I was looked up and down and uttered at with contempt, “Well, don’t you look cute.”. But my reason for … Continue reading

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True Recovery

(While this is the same injury as mine, this picture is not my MRI.) In the interest of full disclosure, the MRI of my lower spine reads like this: 1. At the level of the L4-L5, there is a large … Continue reading

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Pink Tights Just Don’t Stay Clean

There is just no way to keep pink tights clean. This image is wrong. I have searched, scoured and possibly begged the internet for the answer. I was convinced some mom, somewhere, figured out the magic oxy-clean and vinegar recipe to … Continue reading

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Hope And Dental Floss

Dealing with injury and the pain that inevitably comes along with it? Try… “I have seen what a laugh can do. It can transform almost unbearable tears into something bearable, even hopeful.” -Bob Hope The formula is simple enough, through … Continue reading

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It Is, What It Is.

The truth about performing when you are not a professional. It is, what it is. (The adult peasants gather before the show. “Hey Prince, Heeeey!”) These are my pictures to show that I was there and that it happened. I’m … Continue reading

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