I Love The…

I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog describing and explaining things I don’t like. In lieu of that, I do solemnly swear, more positivity. It’s just more productive.

Today I would like to say, I love the…

…philosophy that competition dance isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. After seemingly endless back and forth at previous studio’s about doing competition dance (with the assumption that I would already know what to do if I did it), to the point that I only thought the idea of competition was just a hustle to get my hard-earned cash, the new perspective that someone who does know about competition would look at my dance to judge to see if I am actually ready for it, is down right revolutionary and so dam alluring. Not only do I feel that I have actually walked into an actual dance school, but the notion that I would take the floor representing the integrity of the institution that I was attending truly gives me a sense of pride and, if granted the opportunity, a real measure of accomplishment.

(And even if it’s a total snow job and I’m being taken for a fool, this is just the fool I’d rather be.)

I love the creative process in partner dancing when it gets taken to the respect level. Respect is the secret ingredient in partner dancing. It’s a team effort. There are no solo’s. Yet, if done correctly the magic of a good partnership will show off the individual and the team at the same time and the observer will never be sure when either is happening. Creation of this magic is not a trick or an illusion. It’s real, yo. In the construction of the choreography, contributions from both parties are used to spring board ideas, show off each others strengths and to never acknowledge weakness. Hit’s in the music are accentuated, fluidity comes off of the content, stories emerge and when it really works it all becomes a beautiful personal essay that others find enchanting, not only relating to, but become engrossed in. Together, you can create something that no one person can take credit for and that’s the kind of creation that makes people believe in rainbows and unicorns.

(Or in this case magical gazelles.)

I love it when a leader emerges. The makings of a production and leader are incredibly similar, the head and heart need to be perfectly balanced. If you have no passion, there is none in the production (but it will go on), too much passion and the production will never happen. Conclusion, sentiment is a character trait that is usually found on the losing side. (Thanks Sherlock.) When your heart is out there to get crushed you need to have a clear head to protect it. An example of an amazing leader is at a time when bad selfish dancers are throwing themselves kamikaze style in front of them and the leaders don’t blink. One leader might respond to a situation where a dancer pulls out of a show two weeks before the show is to go on and with full knowledge that it is a featured group number and there is no backup person for that dancer and the entire number will probably have to be re-choreographed and some of the dancers doing the number may not be able to handle it being re-choreographed with such little time to rehearse with heart-break and defeat. A great leader responds firmly with, “Jim, will you do it? Great, Jim’s going to do it. Problem solved.”

(And that is how your head protects your heart. Way to step up brain!)

To Youriy Pavlov, Tina Mayer and Leigh Purtill, (pictured in that order) bully for you! Your best qualities made me fall in love with you all over again.

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I am a follower of the Church of Dance. Dream Bunnies and Mourning Doves follow me at night.
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